Chocolate Pretzel Pizza Medium


The “Chocolate Pretzel Pizza for Friends” is definitely big enough to share.  It's also big enough that we've included a mallet to help break up the pizza into bite size pieces and to elevate the “fun” quotient.  This Chocolate Pretzel Pizza is 9″ and over 2 pounds of deliciousness.  Chocolate “crust” with broken pretzels and sugar cone pieces, topped with M&Ms, chocolate cookie chunks, double chocolate chips, sprinkles, and chocolate drizzle.  This Chocolate Pretzel Pizza arrives in a pizza style shipping container with a special chocolate-busting mallet.  Lots of fun and lots to enjoy!  Serves up to 16 people.

Cold pack shipping is mandatory May through September and for destinations where the temperature exceeds 70 degrees.  Cold pack shipping cost includes the product, a styrofoam insulated shipping box and cold packs.